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Hello.  My name is Latisha.  I am in the middle of an uncomfortable life and career transition while paying off my debt.  While uncomfortable, I embrace it with much patience (patience is my super power/edge in life) because I know that I am exactly where I need to be. I’m being positioned for debt-freedom and my wildest entrepreneurial dreams.  I’m poised while I work and wait.  Can you relate?


Goodbye Broke (GBB) is a personal finance blog whose mission is to educate and motivate people to pursue debt freedom by showing them the success stories of others who have done it or who are currently in the process of making huge strides.   It’s the place where you get to kiss your debt goodbye and exit Brokeonia and enter the land of financial freedom.


GBB is motivated by my experiencing and witnesses CHRONIC money mismanagement and lack of personal financial literacy in the black community. I’m motivated and eager to create and model a new normal of saving, giving, spending, and living.


I envision GBB being a trusted go-to resource for the debt free community for credible personal finance information as well as compelling stories that move people to take action on debt freedom –which accelerates wealth building.  Moreover, I envision GBB being a monument of faith to the power of prayer through faith in Jesus Christ as it through these means that I have the audacity to believe I WILL eliminate my massive debt burden within the next 12-36 months (from 2017).  For, I know there are countless others who resonate with how I got into debt (and how I would backslide into it after getting myself out).  I know others will resonate with the featured success stories.  Consequently, I envision making regular prayers for the GBB listeners and readers to experience similar miracles in their finances.


GBB begins, first, with my story.  As of May 28, 2017, I lament a whopping $86, 063.15 debt burden.   I’ve been carrying this debt load as baggage for over a decade (cue Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady–I done hurt my back ).  84% of that debt are two consolidated student loans dating back from between 1990 to 2002 ( one unsubsidized and thank God no defaults).  To add insult to injury, I don’t even have a degree.  I got so committed to debt freedom (in 2006) that I decided I would NOT finish my degree until I could pay for it cash (or scholarship).

From 2006 to date, I have been downsizing my life (to the point of minimalism) so as to position myself for debt freedom. Along the way, murphy’s law, anxiety, and lack of sufficient savings resulted in me backsliding back into debt more times than I’m comfortable admitting.

In 2012, I renewed my commitment to debt freedom and now, here stands GBB to make sure I succeed this time.  It is said, insanity is doing something over and over expecting different results.  Well, I’m no longer practicing insanity.   GBB is my new and different strategy.

That said, there are many reasons why I can’t give a solid accounting of all the thousands of dollars I let slip through my hands in my adult life.  I have no sufficient explanation as to how I let such an initially modest amount of debt snowball into this massive Swiss Alp of a mountain.

If I had to sum it up, I would say just 20+ years of sheer ignorance, apathy, anxious purchases, emotional deficits and career wandering (job to job).

For, I’m a very late bloomer to realizing what I, actually, do well–and consequently, what I should have been pursuing as a career entering college or early adulthood.  But God’s Providence saw my wanderings and keep me in the “ball-park” of where my strengths would eventually become recognizable to me.  God is dope and fundamental like that!


Now, if you are a solution-oriented, pragmatic believer in God, then I suspect my content may be right up your alley.

Although GBB exists to serve and motivate ANYONE of ANY faith–because every human resonates with wanting to improve their personal finances.

For, I am aware that there may be many people, seasoned in age, who feel all hope is lost to ever live debt free. Some don’t even feel such is possible and have just settled and adjusted to living life around serving their debts (e.g. living paycheck to paycheck).  Some feel they’ve blown it–especially if you have a debt burden as large or larger than mine.

But I’m here and very excited to help change that trajectory of thought.

So why am I so excited, determined, and optimistic about my huge debt burden?  Why does my debt burden motivate me instead of discourage or deflate me?  Why am I excited for you to crush your debt burden?

 Three words. Rich in Spirit.  When you subscribe to “The Goodbye Broke Chronicle” you will learn what I mean by Rich in Spirit.  


To that end, you should know that I’m a former commercial real estate salesperson ($6M multifamily transactions closed) turned enthusiastic freelance online marketer.  As the saying goes, you are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.  It’s time we upgrade our network.  I, through Goodbye Broke, will upgrade my network.  As I upgrade; you upgrade.

In closing, remember this.   The only broke people you should be talking to are those working the heck out of a plan, alongside you, to EXIT Broke-onia.  So, let’s go ANNIHILATE our debt!  P.S. Budget. Budget. Budget.