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Dear Reader:

As I mentioned in my email opt-in correspondence to subscribers, I not only despise SPAM but I despise deceptive marketing tactics.  Transparency, especially on the web,  is a MUST if you want to be thought of as a credible source of information or e-commerce.

My first goal with this blog is to have you find me credible and trustworthy.  My second goal is to share info, ideas, and stuff that will actually improve your life and thinking.  These are my first priorities over any monetary opportunity.  If I operate this blog with no integrity and like a-dog-in-heat for income, then I will NOT earn credibility, nor will I win in business, long-term, or in life.

With that in mind,  I disclose that I am an aspiring entrepreneur.  This blog and podcast is part of a long-term business strategy to increase my income.  Therefore, you should know that when relevant and useful, I will include certain products and links to those products on this site that I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchase you make from that link.

 My life and business philosophy are to create win-wins.   There is no winning in integritybluebusiness unless BOTH parties are satisfied.  I’m not interested in winning in business, alone.   So keep the following in mind about any products mentioned on the site or in any emails with sale links attached:

  • I’ve either used or will be using the product/service myself.
  • I know quality people who have used the product/service with a positive experience or outcome.
  • I have researched and investigated the product/service enough to feel it safe to recommend.
  • I’m confident the product/service can deliver some value to improve your life.
  • I’m not randomly seeking products/services to link to earn a commission. Products/services linked are a result of their use or introduction to me in the course of my everyday living.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me at latisha@goodbyebroke.com. And if necessary, I’d be happy to give you my phone number or Skype ID and we can have a voice to voice or face to face conversation about anything that concerns you about a product or service I’ve recommended that did not serve you.

Thanks for Supporting,

Latisha Grady

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